Hi everyone,
As the weather starts to warm up and the vaccine opportunities are suddenly becoming more numerous, we are starting to look at more ministries and fellowship events. For now we are still observing strict CDC protocols but as more of us acquire immunity we can schedule more activity. If you haven’t received your vaccination yet, please get your name on one or more waiting lists so you can get it at the earliest opportunity. 
This Sunday is Holy Communion Sunday. If you are watching from home, please have a beverage and some bread or crackers nearby so you can also partake in this blessed sacrament. Holy Communion for April will be served only on Maundy Thursday, April 1st. More details on that Communion to follow. 
Monday, the 8th, at 1:00 p.m. the United Methodist Women will be holding their monthly meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Martha Roberts will be showing a film called, “A Call to Prayer and Self Denial”. This is especially fitting for the Season of Lent. For more information, contact Kathy Hardy. 
This past week we lost Barb Jones, one of our long time members. Barb was so faithful to Gulfview and so supportive of the leadership and we will miss her very much. Her suffering is over and ours must go on a little while longer. We will meet again some day.
Last Sunday we had a snowbird named, Bill, minister to us with his beautiful voice. We are asking everyone to help us find folks with singing or playing talent who would be willing to minister to us on Sunday mornings. If you or someone you know of might be interested please contact the Church Office. 
We are nearing the end of our isolation ordeal and I would encourage you to get outside and bathe in the sunshine. That good ‘ol Vitamin D production is so important especially now. May God bless you all with an extra helping of faith and security.
Pastor John

My dear friends,
   There will be no mention of any virtual meetings this week because the last forty or so mentioned should be sufficient. So we will skip a week with just a reminder to contact the office for the login information to any of our Bible Studies or meetings.
   There has been a lot of misinformation spread around social media about the COVID vaccines. The truth is this. These vaccines are as safe as any others we have taken in our lives and everyone should seek to be vaccinated as early as they can. It is also true that some folks are experiencing some side effects particularly from their second shot. However compared to the actual virus itself the side effects are an acceptable risk. With more and more retail outlets contracting with the State of Florida to distribute the vaccines, the time in the waiting line will be substantially less. So please persevere and get your name on the list. 
   A few folks have talked with me about the possibility of more ministries for Gulfview even while we are still taking COVID precautions. I agree that there are things we can do safely and I would encourage you to bring your ministry ideas forward. I think we can still serve God under any condition. 
   We are still looking for folks who would be interested in performing a song during the Sunday morning Worship Service. If you play an instrument or sing we would like to talk with you. None of us are professionals. We just do the best we can in serving the Lord. If you feel the spirit leading you to this ministry please contact the Church Office. 
   In the earlier weekly updates last summer I asked you all to remember to call others in the Church so that we may stay connected. I would like to remind you to remember to do this again. A simple phone call or a card from you makes a huge difference in a person’s day. We will continue to pray for each other but we can do more than that by staying connected. I want to personally say a huge thank you to all of you who have sent cards or messages of encouragement to Melanie and me. We have felt your love and support and it is very humbling to serve such good hearted people. 
Yours in Christ,
Pastor John

Gulfview Updates

  • Sanctuary Worship Resumed
  • Directory Photos to be Taken Soon
  • Tailgate Party was Wonderful
  • Zoom Bible Studies
  • Church Council October 5th
  • Prayer in Sanctuary Mondays at noon
  • Volunteer Ushers Needed

First Sunday Back in the Sanctuary

Joy in our hearts for being together again

Happy Thursday Folks,

  • Well we have resumed Worship and everything went relatively smoothly. One consistent thought from everyone was the joy we all felt in our hearts being together again. Now that we are worshipping together there are other in-person meetings that will be resuming soon. Watch this update for Sunday Schools and other events that will be in-person using safety precautions. 
  • New ministry! We are assembling a new church directory with pictures so we might get to know each other better. Bonnie Brant will be taking pictures on October 4th and 11th after the church service outside the Sanctuary. For those who are not back at church yet, other arrangements will be made for a safe, socially distant photo at your home between October 11th and early November. 
  • The United Methodist Women hosted a wonderful Tailgate Party on Wednesday, the 23rd, in the church parking lot and it was a huge success. People sported the colors of their favorite teams and one vehicle displayed a divided loyalty as they wore Alabama and Auburn colors proudly. I expect we will have more social functions like this in the future observing COVID precautions. 
  • Our Zoom meetings are being very well attended and I encourage folks to consider logging in to either the Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening Bible Studies. Please contact the office if you would like the log-in information.
  • We have a Church Council meeting coming up Monday, October 5th at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Even though this is a short meeting to prepare us for the Charge Conference (October 27th @ 6:00 p.m. via Zoom) we want everyone to know about these meetings in case anyone has an issue they would like to bring up to the Council. Contact Jo Ann Stone, with a message through the Contact Us page, to be added to the agenda.
  • Just a reminder the Sanctuary is open from noon to 1:00 p.m. for prayer every Monday between now and the Federal Election. This is an excellent time to pray for our nation and/or practice fasting if you would like. 
  • Another ministry opportunity! Deby Godsell is looking for folks to fill in as Ushers for the next while. Not all of our regular Ushers have been able to come back yet and so we could use some help. This would involve one Sunday per month. You can reach her at with a message in the Contact Us page.
  • That’s it for this week. My heart is so full of joy at seeing worshippers in the Sanctuary again. But I did want to remind those of you in the high-risk category to exercise caution if you choose to attend. May God bless you and keep you all safe.
Pastor John
Warm Welcome Back
Warm Welcome Back

“My heart is so full of joy at seeing worshippers in the Sanctuary again.” — Pastor John



Tailgate Party 2020
Tailgate Party 2020